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Whatever measures possible towards eradicating use of drugs and its trade to be taken with full zeal hardly needs any stress to be laid on. The menace of drugs is posing new danger to the social equilibrium and disturbing family equations and tearing apart the potential of tremendous power of human resources in the addicts of younger age groups. Such a scenario is tantamount to wasting of powerful and productive national asset. Narco – terrorism is the emerging threat with wider dimensions which calls for a concerted target oriented approach to root it out lock, stock and barrel. As the fight against it cannot be left to be the domain and responsibility of the Government alone, it is a social and even moral responsibility of each one to contribute in whatever form towards its eradication. That district administrations, many social organisations, NGOs, volunteers and others are active in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir in the field to fighting it out generates lot of hope and positivity towards rooting out drug use. It is, at the same time, incumbent upon the Government to note, acknowledge, commend and even honour outstanding contribution of such nonGovernment entities and individuals, even presenting to them awards and citations periodically. It is, however, for the first time, we are seeing a booklet issued by the UT Government highlighting achievements for the last 15 months under Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan. Achievements and under- performance in respect of the ongoing fight against drugs and its abuse must be continued to be highlighted with regular intervals for public information. In that context, however, not only it has recently been made fairly known as to what type of steps, the UT Government was taking but even such nonGovernmental entities too towards eradication of drugs use. That in ten districts of the UT there is a ”mass movement ” against drugs abuse is quite encouraging which must gradually be taken to other districts as well as the scourge is spreading fast and the number of drug users too are following suit. Rate of addicts, therefore, too is on the rise. However, Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment presenting ”Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan” awards under different categories to outstanding contributors can be termed as incentives for others to join the noble cause of the fight against drugs in Jammu and Kashmir. Claims of the UT Government about ”continuous awareness” towards eradication of the drug menace needs to be continuously reviewed as the same seems not that much effective to bear desired results. Village Panchayats need to be roped in to lend their support towards fighting the menace as they also can get cogent and pointed information about the ones dealing in it and supplying to the trapped young consumers. Examples of how Rajouri, Kishtwar and Budgam districts were soliciting the support of Gram Sabhas and Anganwari workers needs to be emulated by other districts to show , on competitive basis, better results. Mobile ring tunes could be used exclusively for weeks together sending messages about the deleterious effect of using drugs like it was done during and after COVID-19 two waves in respect of how to deal with and prevent the spread of the virus . Other modes of communication with appealing and effective words could prove quite effective towards generating intense awareness. Again, the claims of the UT Government about three lakh youth, as many women and 500 educational institutions being in active participation in the mission against drug abuse must surely bring about spectacular results which must be backed by compilation of the requisite data. De-addiction centres and number of ”fully treated” and declared as no more addicts too need a proper statistical record for purposes of assessing the progress on a consistent pattern. The objective, undoubtedly being a top priority as well noble but not easy ,too needs all pronged strategy, innovative prevention and rehabilitation and therefore, maximum participation in mass movement. On the pattern of National Action Plan, there should be, side by side, UT Action Plan also to have greater thrust on the process of eradication of the menace.

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