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How can Revenue records “go missing”? – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism | Breaking News J&K


I f vital revenue records or any type of sensitive Governmental records go missing, then it is nothing short of a collapse of the administration, the supervision and records maintaining mechanism of the concerned department demanding no lengthy route but taking immediate steps of initiating penal and criminal action against those directly involved in such sheer carelessness and even possible connivance with outside elements and a possible criminal conspiracy to let particular documents go missing. Angle of corruption and eye on deriving personal benefits illegally and criminally cannot be ruled out. The issue pertains to missing vital revenue documents of revenue villages Sunjwan and Chowadi in Tehsil Bahu. This is totally unacceptable and unpardonable. However, is a mechanism in place in the Revenue Department to have periodic reporting and confirmation from all districts about all records and documents having been physically verified and kept in safe custody ? This could be done on a prescribed format submission of which every quarter at least could be termed as mandatory? Are wells still continued to be dug out as a routine in Jammu and Kashmir by the administration only when fire breaks out and it rages like the one under reference ? Documents can neither be ”eaten away” by the earth nor get vanished in the air to ”rest” in the skies unless deliberate human intervention is there which requires an exemplary punishment to such employees otherwise supposed to be custodians and protectors of such vital documents for which they are employed by the Government and paid.

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