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GoI pursuing denial of Hindu genocide policy in Kashmir: PK

PK leaders at a press conference at Jammu on Saturday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Oct 23: Cautioning the Government of India about the implications of Afghanistan being taken over by Talibaan, Panun Kashmir (PK) today urged it not to further dither in recognising that Hindus living in Kashmir are facing a genocide and with employment of internally displaced Hindus in Kashmir the GoI has been pursuing a policy of denial of Hindu genocide.
The UT of J&K has been face to face with a Jihadi war since 1989-90 and failure to recognise so has led to the spillover of this war which is now threatening to engulf whole of India, PK chairman, Dr Ajay Chrungoo told reporters.
He said Pakistan is a terrorist Country and India should declare it as a Terrorist Country. Government of India should understand the situation in J&K without appeasement, he added.
What has been happening in J&K is not a law and order problem or merely a problem of terrorism but a Jihadi war. Genocidal attrition of Hindus along with other nationalist people as well as military attrition going hand in hand is integral to this war form, Dr Chrungoo said.
He said pretending normalcy and belittling the gravity of situation has already cost the nation immensely. Continuing to do so will be suicidal. The reluctance to state unambiguously and eloquently that Hindus in Kashmir have been subjected to genocide and a religious fascist Jihadi war is being waged in J&K by the terrorist war machine of Pakistan has allowed Jihadi terror foot soldiers to masquerade as freedom fighters and Pakistan to flaunt itself as a supporter of cause of freedom, he added.
Takeover of Afghanistan by Talibaan cannot be responded by hesitating to call the problem by its real name. Jihad has to be called Jihad and genocide of Hindus as genocide, PK leader said.
It is highly demoralising that the highest officers in police have described the recent escalation of terrorist violence aimed specifically at Hindus of Kashmir and generally at all patriotic Indians as attempts to defame Muslims.
PK leader said that the Jihadi terror in J& K has the connivance of significant sections of society, organs of society and subversive tentacles within administration.
He said takeover of Afghanistan by Talibaan has created an imperative necessity to divide Kashmir and Creation of a Panun Kashmir for permanent rehabilitation of all Hindus expelled from there.
PK leaders, P N Raina, Daya Krishan, Satish Sher and M K Dhar were also present in the press conference.

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