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It may be recalled that a few years back it was proposed by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways that two Institutes of Driving Training and Research and Inspection (IDTR) and certification centres would be set up each in Srinagar and Jammu but the same being mired in various hiccups like issues of land and allied matters , when actually they will be ready and operational is all not known. Jammu and Kashmir having most of the roads in hilly and mountainous terrains , the turnover of traffic having increased and frequent road accidents taking place while most of them fatal, how much important and utility oriented these centres can prove to be, could be guess of none but of great conviction of all. We need dynamic and full training to be imparted to our drivers and to fairly acquaint them with correct ways of driving for which these institutes are of paramount importance. Road safety and well trained drivers being synonymous hence cardinal for driving can safely be termed as a guarantee against none or minimal of accidents taking place. Looking to the ever increasing volume of traffic on our roads, proper and adequate measures of principle of driving need to be given all deserving attention .
Not only proper training of drivers but certification of fitness of vehicles is of equal importance. If at random checking and verification of vehicles plying on roads, especially that of heavy vehicles is done, the findings would be startling as even those vehicles would be found plying on roads where no proper servicing , less of engine care and no replacement of worn out parts and absence of other necessary requirements will be all replete. That speaks for the role to be played by Inspection and Certification Centres. In fact, where and in which respect are the important IDTR projects ailing would not be too difficult to be known . For example , in Jammu project worth Rs. 17 crore, the work on it is still incomplete even after three years and Rs.6.50 crore having been released by the Union Ministry so far while submission of mandatory utilization certificates being erratic and irregular, rest of the amount has not been released to the executing agency. At least, authorities in Transport Department should have been in close touch with the project but the paradoxical factor is their ”innocence ” even about when precisely the said project would be completed in all forms.
In the same way, the project in Kashmir is facing multiple issues about land , about the fate of the detailed project report with project cost on the higher side and beyond the scope of the scheme guidelines . The Administrative department directing the concerned agency to ensure that the DPR was re-prepared in relation to the assured quantum of funds to be provided by the Union Ministry. The project , therefore, is inordinately delayed . It , however, needs to be stressed upon that sheer professionalism in driving and proficiency in Road Safety were by no means to be compromised with and hence an institutional support was necessary for the purpose which the IDTR is promising. Besides technical and professional aspects which the IDTR is promising, psychological and emotional issues connected with driving also need to be touched which have a bearing on a disciplined driving culture. Those are road rage, drunken driving, hit and run, over speeding and dangerous overtaking especially on curves and blind turns. Union Transport Ministry financing the IDTR projects is primarily aimed at promoting proper skills, traits and education all about driving and road safety norms in the interests of the safety of the driver, people, vehicle, occupants of a vehicle and healthy and fit vehicles alone plied on roads. State /UT Governments, therefore, by extending all assistance to and monitoring of the IDTR projects would be contributing towards achieving its broader aims and ambitions.

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